Many times first-time home buyers want to know what the house buying process will be like. Here is a step-by-step guide to what to expect.

1. Get Prequalified 
I would first start at my local bank. They should be easier to deal with since they already have your bank records on hand. The reason for getting prequalified is so that you know what price range house you should shop for and also when making an offer it makes it looks stronger with a prequalifying letter.
When we're ready to make an offer on a property, a pre-qualification letter from the lender is sometimes necessary to accompany it. Therefore, it's important to start this process first, sometimes even before looking at properties. A second benefit is that the buyer will know beforehand exactly what they're qualified to buy, what issues might need to be addressed, items might be needed to be ready when applying for the loan,

2. Find a House you like

If you are new to the area, I will start off by giving you a tour of the Oxford area. This can give you an overview of neighborhoods and areas. As we are driving you can ask the general prices of homes in those areas of interest. Then when you have determined what areas you like we can set up showing to view the inside of the homes. It may take a while to find the homes that fits your dreams and budget or you might find it right away. We will keep looking until you do find what you are looking for. When you have narrowed down your likes and dislikes I will send you the most compatibles homes as they come on the market. I want you to love the home you choose. I will make sure that you find it. 
3. Make an offer.   
                                                                                              I will send you a report of previous sales of the neighborhood. You can look over those things and think about what you might want to offer. Then we will make an offer, which is filling in your side of the contract. You will also be asked to deposit earnest money. This money ranges from $500 to $1000 or more depending on the cost of the home. The money will only be deposited if a contract is agreed upon. And the money will go towards your closing costs at closing. 
4. Counteroffer or rejection:                                                                        

The seller will be presented the offer. They will sign it and agree, counteroffer or reject it. In either case, you can always come back with a higher offer.
5. Acceptance:
Once you and the seller have agreed on a price, you have contract. Then your earnest money will be deposited

6. Get a Home Inspection: If you plan on getting a home inspection get it right after you have confirmed your contract so you can make sure you still want the house. When you get the report back you will submit a list of things you would fixed.
7. Chose a closing lawyer: There are several lawyers in Oxford who mainly do real estate closings. These are the best to get since they do this every day. They will search your property's title and file all the legal paper work to get the house closed. They will also go through all the loan documents with you.
8. Appraisal:
The bank will order the appraisal some banks make you pay for it upfront and some will include it in your closing costs. They cost about $350
8. Get insurance
: Its best to start with who you have your car insurance with, they will usually give you the best deal. But check around, sometimes other places might be cheaper
9. Get your utilities scheduled to be turned on before closing. When I bought my first house, my realtor didn't tell me that they were going to cut off the power. I closed on a Friday and I had to paint the rooms all weekend without light or air conditioning!
10. Closing:
You will get the final paper work for your loan. You will see where all your money is going in closing costs, and find out how much the sellers are getting out of it. You taxes will be prorated, so you only pay the taxes for the months you are going to be living there and the sellers pay it for the rest of the time. They will give you your final payments and the keys to the house.